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Abstract Structure

Our Services

Choose from any of our recruitment solutions or opt for a discounted package in tandem with the umbrella organization of your individual facility needs.

Elite Consulting

Leading Your Facility

​We guide you through a thought-out, out-of-box, consistent process while addressing facility-communication, employee appreciation, and overall cultural issues to empower you in delivering incessant recruitment and retention solutions.

After implementing your vision, providing key-word rich ads, agency oversight to ensure receipt of sufficient applications, as well as training to independently recruit employees, the benefits others have gained through us can be yours as well.

Elite Recruitment

Hands-On Hiring

​We become your dedicated staffing service, recruiting every tier of staff with the strongest emphasis on nursing. Thoroughly trained in winning strategies, we implement powerful tactics for high-level results: reaching out to fitting candidates, managing ads, recruiting accounts and ATS.

Because we impress callers as Americans without a foreign accent or language barrier, candidates are more prone to respond. Relieving you of the onus of effective recruitment, we allow you to concentrate on your current overwhelming understaffed performance as we enable your future. 

Elite Labor Management

Proactive Direction

We provide essential management, ensuring your facility’s staffing issues are correctly addressed. Focusing on direction in precise hiring, we guide your staff in empowering techniques that not only buffer recruitment but also sustain solid retention.

Skilled in creating a master schedule, we effectively train your designated staff member in mastering scheduling. The ensuing results enable your facility’s forecasting and contract and bill reviews to clarify individual agency’s strategic financial positioning.


Results that Speak

Based on Many Facility Experiences over 3-6 months

noun_Job Search_2724316.png

Resume Flow

40% Increase


Staff Referrals

20% Increase


Job Acceptance/Retention

34% increase 


Staff Agency Use

28% Drop


Employee Turnover

30% Drop

Playing Chess


  • 30 % decrease in employee turnover rate within the first 3 months

  • We will tailor-make a program to address your facilities Communication, staff appreciation and overall culture issue.

  • You will get a weekly progress report of everything that we are working on, and estimated time to completion.

  • We will help you implement any vision that you have.

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